Sixty Equestrian Center
5925 FM 1863
Bulverde, TX 78163-4009
Phone: 830-980-9573
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Sixty Equestrian Center
Training Fee Schedule

    We offer several lesson opportunities. For first time students, we offer a trial package which consists of four 1/2 hour lessons. This package is in the saddle only allowing the student to see if the riding experience is what they want as an ongoing sport. The trial package cost is $140.00.

     For kindergarten and first graders we offer on-going 1/2 hour lessons for $35.00 per lesson.

     For second graders through adults we offer one hour lessons. These lessons are 45 minutes in the saddle and 15 minutes learning grooming and tacking skills (getting the horse ready for riding and care taking after the ride). The grooming and tacking are required skills for group eligibility. These one hour lessons are $60.00.

     Our group lessons are an hour and a half in duration. These lessons are 60 minutes in the saddle, 15 minutes before and after riding to take care of the horse. You will be here a minimum of an hour and a half. Our groups are 2 to 4 students.  Group lessons are $45.00.

     We do not accept credit card purchases. We accept checks and cash.  

     We appreciate 24 hour cancellation of lessons. For "late cancel" lessons (less than 24 hour notice), a fee equal to half your lesson price will be charged. For "no show" lessons (missed without cancellation), the full lesson price will be charged. The exception to this policy is student illness. In the case of student illness, we apprciate cancellation as soon as posssible. Fees for "late cancel" and "no show" lessons will be billed at the end of each month. Non-payment of these fees will result in the student being dropped from our program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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